National Arboretum trails

Recently Makin Trax was given the privilege of designing and constructing the major trails at the National Arboretum Canberra.

The Arboretum features 94 forests of trees from around Australia and the world. Many of the trees are still young but two of the forests are nearly 100 hundred years old. Over 44,000 trees from over 100 countries are growing across the huge 250 hectare (618 acre) site, making it one of the world’s largest living collections of rare, endangered and significant trees.

Winner of the World Architecture Festival for Landscape 2014, the National Arboretum Canberra surrounds visitors with panoramic views, stunning architecture and the natural beauty of trees and gardens.

Following an overall trail master plan Makin Trax has designed and constructed the beginnings of a network of trail that takes visitors on a journey through the forests to significant vantage points such as Dairy Farmers Hill lookout and Wide Brown Land.  We also designed and constructed an All Access trail down to the Step Forest.

These finished trails have enhanced the visitor experience immeasurably by intuitively guiding people through the different forests in a way that enhances the views through different perspectives while offering a completely immersive experience. These trails build on the success the National Arboretum Canberra has experienced so far and further enhances its position as one of the great tourist destinations in the country.