Casuarina Walking Track unveiled by Chief Minister

15 Oct 2009

Earlier this year Makin Trax was commissioned to undertake the refurbishment of the Casuarina Walking Track on Mt Majura. The track is a popular, high volume use track but was in a state of utter disrepair and degradation: an ‘environmental nightmare’ was a term used to describe its former state.

Access, or rather a lack thereof, was the biggest challenge with this job. The crew could only access the track from the bottom and work had to start at the top, so a considerable amount of work was invested in just getting to the top to start the remediation work.

Added to the requirement of starting at the top of the work area, we had to preserve existing steps that were scattered along the steep alignment. Makin Trax also gave an undertaking to not adversely impact the immediate environment surrounding the track and to keep intact its sensitive nature.

All this was overcome by implementing some innovative ideas and solutions which is what sets Makin Trax apart from other track builders. Many potential solutions were assessed and a final solution arrived at; mainly through the experience and understanding of the requirements of Principal, Darren Stewart, and his knowledge as a licensed builder.

The depth of knowledge and expertise to leverage different industry practices, further complements the high level of craftsmanship that Makin Trax is known for.

The leader of the Friends of Mt Majura (Mt Majura Park Care Group) Waltraud Pix said she was “extremely happy with the state of the art track that Makin Trax produced”.

ACT Chief Minister, Jon Stanhope, on opening the track remarked that “the level of craftsmanship applied to the re-engineering of this track is a testament to the competency of Makin Trax; and it has left the residents of Mt Majura and Canberra, a legacy for generations to enjoy”.