Mountain Bike Tracks

Makin Trax designs, constructs and maintains mountain bike tracks. We also enhance tracks by incorporating infrastructure such as technical trail features – designed, supplied and installed by Makin Trax.

A key example of our mountain bike track work is Stromlo Forest Park. Over an extended period of time (from inception in 2005 to Feb 2021) we transformed Stromlo Forest Park into a world-class recreational venue and destination. Some of the more impressive trail loop features include jumps, drops, see-saws, wall rides, technical climbing and descending – all catering for a range of skill levels which can be seen in The Playground at Stromlo Forest Park.

The 2008 Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Cup and the 2009 UCI World Mountain Bike and Trials Championships provided an opportunity to showcase the fast, challenging, world-class tracks of Stromlo Forest Park.

There is a groundswell of interest in mountain biking and outdoor activities and Makin Trax foresees a bright future for the industry and the need for professionally built tracks such as Stromlo Forest Park.